Watermelon Harvest

Checking out a watermelon
Is it ripe?

We grew watermelon on a whim this year for the first time. Because the seeds were given to us, we had no idea how big they were supposed to get or what they would look like when ripe.

Our son’s excitement was the catalyst to try one out. The process of selecting the one we were going to pick, feeling how heavy it was in our hands once we picked it, and the anticipation of what we would find when we sliced into it made for a really fun experience.

The biggest payoff was, of course, the eating of the watermelon; it tasted fantastic. They contain so much juice that I’m looking forward to figuring out how to extract the juice directly. Cheesecloth is on the ‘to buy’ list.

Freshly picked watermelon
The watermelon was too heavy for a 4 year to carry, despite his best efforts.


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