Night Running

The days are getting shorter, so my evening runs are getting darker each time. We live in the country, there are no street lights along my running route. In this area, one must rely on retina-rods and moonlight.

Last night as I was running along the side of the empty road, I heard voices ahead of me. My eyes focused on a gray blob about twenty yards ahead. I continued to  jog towards it, expecting people to eventually materialize.

A smaller shape broke off from the main blob and sped towards me. Some kind of animal. A big dog. It ran directly at me, jumped up, and went for my face. I used my forearm to block it. I staggered sideways into the ditch by the side of the road, tripped and landed in the grass. Big dog licked my neck.

I was was disoriented. It was all darkness, fur and licks. Now people were yelling close to me. The owners. They pulled the dog off; a big, friendly Golden Retriever. I got up, we exchanged “Sorry” and “I’m Oks” and “hahahas” and continued on our paths in opposite directions.

The moral of the story is this: If you have a plan, as I have since I was 7 years old, for what you will do when you get attacked by a dog; it probably won’t work.

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