How to Get the Air Bubbles Out of Your Green Smoothie

Using a powerful blender allows you the benefit of penetrating the cellular walls of the plants so that your body can access all the nutrients available. The only downside (to me; as some people, like my husband, enjoy the froth) to this mighty churning is the air that inevitably gets pulled into the mix during the process.

The Vitamix motor, blades and bin are designed to create a powerful vortex that sucks everything in the bin down into the center towards the blades where it gets atomized into tiny particles. And when I say “everything” in the bin, I’m including the air. Air gets sucked into the vortex and is broken up into tiny air bubbles by the blades, which are then evenly distributed as tiny air pockets throughout the mix; so small they aren’t bouyant enough to rise back up through the thick material.

I’m not a big fan of foamy, frothy, fluffy green smoothies. They’re difficult to drink without making a giant mustache & full of tiny air bubbles that I’d rather not consume.

Here’s a trick to getting at least some of the air bubbles out:

  1. Once you’re done blending your smoothie, stop the blades as you normally would. This will allow the biggest pockets of air to get out from under the turning blades and escape. But don’t pour it out just yet.
  2. Turn the blades back on at a low speed; just fast enough to create a gentle whirlpool; You don’t want the whirlpool to be big enough that it pulls more air down into the center.
    The gentle whirlpool will pull a lot of the smaller air bubbles to the center of the vortex where they will merge with one another, get bigger & more buoyant, and escape to the top.
  3. Turn the blades off to allow your newly formed ‘bigger bubbles’ to escape the vortex and rise to the surface.

Cycle through that a couple times and you will greatly reduce the amount of air you consume with your smoothies. Also, the more water you add to your mix, the easier it will be for the smaller air bubbles to rise to the surface.

We have the large 64 oz container so I generally make enough to store in the fridge for the family. The stored smoothie is always fine after it sits in the fridge for a few hours and the bubbles have had a chance to rise.

I like to make & store my smoothies thick, then mix it with half-water each time in the glass I drink from. A quick stir with a fork usually does the trick to get it to exactly the way I like it.

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