Costco vs. Vitamix Online

Save $200 by buying direct from

Sometimes you can beat even Costco’s prices if you know where to look.

Costco’s least expensive option for a Vitamix blender is only offered in a bundle which includes the Dry Grains Container. The standard, less expensive, Vitamix bundle is not available from Costco. Also, Costco’s bundle is only available in limited colors. Vitamix’s online store offers the full range of color options.

Details below.

Vitamix with 64oz Container + Dry Grains Container

$499.99 / $559.11*

* 559.11 for non-members.
Costco membership is $55.

Vitamix 5200Vitamix with 64oz Container
Certified Reconditioned

Best Price

Today’s Vitamix Promotion Code
$25 US / $35 CA
Free Shipping! 

Vitamix Online Store


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