Eat Real Food is a collection of tips, tricks and shortcuts for eating healthy in a world where processed foods and misinformation permeate our culture.

Our son, my husband and I all have food allergies, so we’re a partially gluten & dairy free household. ┬áSince having a child with food allergies we have become more conscious of the food we bring into our home and how we prepare it. It has turned into a life-long learning process as we re-build our habits and routines with regards to our diets.

The solutions we’re looking for take into account a busy, real-world family; we count “time” as a major ingredient in the food we prepare.

We are always on the lookout the best ways to keep our food intake as fresh and healthy as possible, both through producing our own and seeking out the best choices available through our local markets.

This site is where we will document and share what we’ve learned as we learn it with the hopes of helping others through our own trial and error.

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